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The Kitchen Collective box is the perfect way to give your kitchen area a full eco-makeover. Featuring a selection of carefully selected products to help you cook, store and clean up with less waste. All products are biodegradable, recyclable and made from natural, sustainable resources.

The Kitchen Collective Box contains:

  • Compostable Dish Cloth Designed to last 9-12 months and durable enough to throw in the washing machine or dishwasher. Made from 100% renewable materials and fully compostable breaking down in just 5 weeks.
  • Bread Bag Organic canvas to help keep bread fresh by absorbing moisture and preventing mould. As the bread ages and dries out, the loaf re-absorbs the moisture from the bag keeping it fresh for longer.
  • Dishbrush 40ml natural fibre dishbrush with wooden handle and natural Tampico fibre brush bristles makes for easy, plastic-free cleanups.
  • Saffix Pot Scrubber Coconut fibre scrubbing back for keeping your pots squeaky clean. Lasts for months and is easily disposed of in the compost.
  • Vege Brush  With bamboo handle and bass fibre bristles, cleaning your orgnanic veges is easy.
  • String Bag with extra long handle, certified organic and made from pure, unbleached Indian cotton.  Fully biodegradable.

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