Kitchen Basics



The Kitchen Basics box is the perfect start to start you on the way to a more sustainable home.  Featuring a collection of carefully selected products to help you clean up without the waste and harmful disposables. All products are biodegradable, recyclable and made from natural, sustainable resources.

The Kitchen Essentials Box contains:

  • Compostable Dish Cloth Designed to last 9-12 months and durable enough to throw in the washing machine or dishwasher. Made from 100% renewable materials and fully compostable, breaking down in just 5 weeks.
  • Dishbrush 40ml natural fibre dishbrush with wooden handle and natural Tampico fibre brush
  • Dishsoap 100% coconut oil soap with refreshing lemongrass essential oil for a sparkly clean.
  • Glass Dispenser Bottle 500ml reusable amber bottle perfect for liquid soap refills.

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