Bathroom Collective



The Bathroom Collective box is a great way to give your bathroom a decent eco makeover. Bathrooms are often filled with disposable plastic items and these products are sure to make a difference. All products are biodegradable, recyclable and made from natural, sustainable resources.

The Bathroom Collective Box contains:

  • Solid Moisturiser Bar with Kanuka and Manuka. Packed with natural oils and butters you just run the bar over your skin and it melts in gently.  Great for sensitive skin.
  • Shampoo OR Face Soap Bar Gentle and all natural - please indicate your preference in the comments when making your order.
  • Bamboo Cotton Buds Biodegradable cotton and natural bamboo sticks. 200 in a recycled sliding cardboard box.
  • Lip Balm Packed with moisturising ingredients like organic coconut, jojoba and lavender oils and containing a natural blush tint. Comes in a fully compostable cardboard tube.
  • 5 x washable, handmade cotton pads gentle on your skin and perfect for morning cleansing or removing make up in the evening.

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