Frequently Asked Questions

Question not covered here?  Email us at and we'll get back to you asap.

What comes in The Eco Collective boxes?

A premium selection of hand-picked, eco-friendly and low waste products that we've personally tested so you don't have to.

Can I pick what goes in my Eco Collective box?

Here at The Eco Collective we've already done the work for you, testing and selecting things that will help you become more sustainable.  If you subscribe, you'll receive a selection of items related to a particular area of your home or life delivered straight to your door!

When will you send the box?

Subscriptions are sent monthly on the 1st (for the previous month).  All other boxes are shipped weekly on Fridays. However, we're always happy to help if you need your box sooner - just let us know in the comments section and we'll have your selection on it's way as soon as possible.

What if I can't use everything in the box?

Maybe someone else can.  Encourage a change in others by sharing any items that you won't use yourself or donate them to a cause that could benefit.

Where do you source the products in the box?

We've done our research to find the best suppliers we can for quality and affordability.  We'd love to be able to source everything locally but some products aren't manufactured in New Zealand yet.

If you're a Kiwi supplier that would like The Eco Collective to feature your product we'd love to hear from you!  You can get in touch with us at

Do I have to subscribe?

Absolutely not, however it's an easier and more cost-effective way to receive a much bigger range of items.  You'll receive one box per month for just $75 and receive FREE SHIPPING!

How will I be charged?

You'll be charged the amount for the option you select at the time of checkout.  

If you subscribe, your subsequent payments will occur each month on that same date (or nearest working day).  

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Of course.  However, we'd strongly encourage you to continue as it will make the boxes you've already received far more cost-effective. Please note how cancellation works below and read the full Terms and Conditions to find out more about cancelling.

  • If you cancel before the cut-off date for the month but you've already been charged, we'll refund that payment for you before cancelling your subscription.
  • If you cancel after the cut-off date for that month, you'll receive that box and your subscription cancelled immediately after sending. 

Can I get refills for items in the boxes?

From time to time there will be items in the box which run out or have a limited life span (but are compostable or fully biodegradable of course!).  We're looking at options currently on how we can supply refill boxes for those who receive these items.

Can you accommodate corporate orders?

Yes!  Please contact us directly to talk about this, we'd love to help.


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