Supporting the Change One Challenge

You might have noticed we've been talking about the Change One Challenge this week as part of the global initiative Plastic Free July. Change One is led by our favourites over at Little and Brave Nappies and encourages like-minded Kiwis to 'change one thing' this month towards sustainability in their home. As a business, The Eco Collective embraces plastic-free and low-waste philosophies, but there are still some areas in our own households that we think we could work harder on making a change in. So here's what we're up to this month...

"This month I'm aiming to buy all my milk in glass bottles. Living where we do we're very lucky to have access to lovely fresh milk sourced straight from the farm. While I buy this often, this month I'll be committing to exclusively source our milk this way and cut out plastic milk bottle waste from our household. I'll also be making lots of lovely cheese and butter from the milk."

"I'm still working on encouring the boys in my household to give up bottled soft drinks so this month I'll be breaking out the Soda Stream again and aiming to invent some of my own new flavours and syrups. We already love lemon, ginger and blueberry but I'd love to find a natural cola recipe that that rivals the big brands! Suggestions welcome please...

I'd also like to make an effort to cut down on our food packaging so I'll be making a bigger effort than ever to purchase my groceries in recyclable packages or take my own containers along to refill. This also means stocking up the freezer with home baking, breads and snacks."

The Change One Challenge isn't about perfection. It's about how hundreds, thousands and even millions of tiny changes can add up to a big difference. We'd encourage anyone who wants to start their own sustainability journey to give it a go as it's the perfect way to kick things off. You can get more great ideas at http://www.changeone.nz/


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