Five Questions with Us

We thought we'd start the new working year with a bit of an introduction to who The Eco Collective is and why we're passionate about making eco-living easy for every family. 

Susi and Cindy - two mums working towards making the future more sustainable for our children.

Where did you grow up? 

Susi: I grew up in East Germany and came to New Zealand in 2000 for a year long stay as an au pair. Then I met my future husband and the rest is history.
Cindy: Actually not far from where I currently live in the Ranges now - just down the road in fact.

What did you do over your Christmas break?
S: Spent time with my brother who visited from Germany went camping.  We also drove around the East Cape over new year and experienced some of New Zealand's stunning scenery.
C: Mostly relaxed at home and had a few days camping in the far north on a beautiful beach just outside of Kerikeri.

What does The Eco Collective mean to you?
S: I want to show people that it doesn't have to be difficult to make changes around the home and in your life if you focus on one or two things at a time.  There are better alternatives for just about everything and it is just a matter of keeping an open mind and trying them. 
C: I want to make it easier for those who are conflicted and overwhelmed by the amount of information about sustainability at home.  It's what prevented me from getting started for the longest time until I realised that change can start small and build from there.

What is your latest and best eco-find/change around your home?
S: Finally asking my local butcher if I can bring my own containers for meat and they said yes! 
C: My bokashi bin!  So much easier than a compost in that I can just throw any and all food waste in it.

Do you have any New Year resolutions?
S: I want to experiment with shampoo bars for my hair.
C: To reduce plastic packaging in our shopping as much as possible.


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